I need A Pre-Built Gaming PC

Hello all, I'm trying to find a place where I can buy a gaming computer that can run a couple WoW's at once price range is 500-1000 with monitor included. This is my first time buying one from online like this so i dont know where to really look so hopefully someone can help me out :D

Edited: I will try actually to build it myself so if someone can help me with the parts that would be grateful!
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  1. Building not an option?? It is our recommendation

    I would look at CyperPower PC, IBUYPOWER or Digital Storm for a "Gaming" type PC. Also, you always have Dell's Alienware PC to look at.
  2. I dont know how to build them >.< if i did know i would do it myself
  3. With a walk-through like that I could build a nuke! Easy to understand pics to show me whats going on. Sure I wouldn't mind trying to build it myself now that I have a perfectly understandable guide. So I also went to newegg.com but than they went over my head when i tried to put one together lol
  4. Please all go to http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/291431-31-need-gaming to help me out I made a new thread so I can try and get some more input and to build it myself. Thank you and sorry for the bother.
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