How to copy hard drive 1-to-1?

I'm trying to back-up our office DVR system that came with some very expensive software (and the warranty on it has already expired.)

So I bought identical hard drives (to the ones installed -- 3 total) so now I need to make one-to-one copies from the originals. My idea was to hook each drive pair (original and backup drives) to my other Windows 7 desktop and do the copy, but what software shall I use?

(Again, all I need is just a 1-to-1 copy because the source and destination drives are identical.)

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Acronis True Image is a commercial cloning tool. WD and Seagate both have free OEM versions of this tool (eg DiscWizard).

    Clonezilla is another popular freeware tool.

    Linux has dd, or ddrescue if there are bad blocks.
  2. Thanks.
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