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Don't know what's causing this but when i play gta san andreas and sims 3 buildings and objects appear very late and it looks quite bad, when your close to something it won't appear for a while and then out of nowhere theres a skyscraper or a car etc. I have played these games with no probs on my old system, which had much less power. What could be causing this? my suspicion is the hard drive is dying, is this a normal symptom of that? have tried searching for the answer to no avail. thanks.
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  1. What about the rest of your system?

    Did you try updating it's driver with the latest one?
  2. asus p5l mobo
    2gb pc 5300 ram
    e6600 2.4ghz c2d
    ati radeon hd4850
    160gb maxtor hdd
    storm 700w psu

    i'm using drivers from ati site. 10-4 ccc. maybe my hd is dying cos its starting to click so if it still happens when i replace that im baffled.
  3. Yes, click sound on HD is mostly meant a dying hd...
    have a spare hd?
  4. No but i'm gonna get 1 next week, gonna get a 250gb sata, im using a ide at the moment (the 1 that clicks) and i have to share the cable with my dvd drive cos my mobo only has 1 ide socket. backed up some important stuff on this hard drive cos im thinking it could just die anyday, better to be safe than sorry :hello:
  5. okay, post again here the result after next week... :)
  6. I have been looking for a second XFX 4850 to match the one i have, would like to find someone upgrading there to purchase if i can. or if anyone knows where i can find one please let me know at Sprint6@zoominternet.net
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