I cannot access files on my second hard drive in windows vista

I have a second sata hard drive in my computer. I have Windows vista home, and the computer sees the second drive, but when I try to access the files, I get a "access denied" error message. I run a system scan, and I can see that it reads all of the files in the hard drive. I have tried to change permissions, and still no access. Please help!
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  1. The second drive must have been used in another rig earlier with BitLocker Drive encryption on...... and since that ,was/maybe, the case it's a no go. The drive is going to be accessible only through the other rig.
  2. Can you see the files on the drive but get the error when you try to open them? Or do you get that message when you try to access the drive at all? Did this ever work?

    Did you try to take ownership of the drive? What happened when you did?
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