Anyone seen this? Z68 ITX with GT430 integrated!

I've been waiting for a Z68 ITX motherboard for quite a while, and I found two Zotac motherboards listed on a Japanese website yesterday, so I though I'd just post it here!
It is the ZOTAC Z68ITX-WiFi and the Z68 GT430 ITX-WiFi

these are the websites in Japanese (which I can roughly understand with the help of google translate)

and found one translation here!
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  1. Why would anyone buy a Z68 motherboard, and then use integrated graphics?
  2. I don't really know what the target audience of this product is, I just think its quite special.
    Not that I would buy or recommend the one with integrated GT430,
    I just posted it here because I have been waiting for Z68 ITX for some time and finally found an actual product,
    so I wanted to share that with other people looking for Z68 ITX motherboards.
  3. Interesting concept. My best guess is that it is meant to compete with Llano APU's that will have more graphics muscle than any Intel integrated VPU.

    Yikes! Using today's exchange rates ¥23,680 is about $300 :o
  4. Ubrales said:
    Why would anyone buy a Z68 motherboard, and then use integrated graphics?

    For example: Me!

    I purchased a ZOTAC H67ITX-C-E (with i7-2600K) and use it especially for video editing.
    It works fine and is very fast.
    I have only the built-in HD3000 graphic unit.

    With LoiLoScope I get render times for MPEG2 and MP4 (720p or FullHD-h.264) of 20 - 30% real-time.
    Next will be to dismiss my AMD-5050e-ATX und to replace it by an ASRock X68 Extreme 4 (also with i7-2600K).
    There is also no extra graphic card needed...

    Evolution goes on, you must only see this.

    If you understand some German watch this video:
  5. Danke..! Tonite I will have some Underberg!
  6. If you live in Asia, you do get products early, but that board is part of Zotac's booth at Computex.
  7. Good information! Thank you for posting!
  8. i wonder how much this'll cost in asia - malaysia to be exact...?
  9. More details have come about since this thread started. Here for example:

    Expected prices are near what I guesstimated earlier in this thread... about $300US
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