New gaming PC. (Mainly WOW)

I got around 1500$ to spare for a new Computer, its mainly being used to play wow, and live stream raids from.
There will also be Starcraft 2, and some FPS Shooters.
Resolution is 1980x1020.

Got 2 builds in my mind, what would you prefer?

965 Black Edition
5850 Sapphire TOXIC Edition 1gb
Some fast CL7 steppings memory, pref 4gb.
What motherboard would you favor?
Coolermaster 700W PSU.
WD Caviar Black 1TB, 64mb cache.

Intel i7 930
EVGA 470 1280mb.
6gb Corsair dominator Cl8
Again, what motherboard would you prefer?
Coolermaster 700W PSU
WD Caviar Black 1TB, 64mb cache.
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  1. Both are stupid amounts of overkill for WoW. Go with the cheaper one.
  2. Well there will also be running Starcraft 2, MW2 and other games.
    But what will best? The AMD setup is cheaper by around 250$

    Worth taking the intel? and what motherboard will be best for the AMD setup? Since I think im going to that.
  3. Bump on the Amd rig, but cut some of the cost by losing the toxic tag off the 5850 imo,Mobo-wise something with a 890 chipset should do you fine,
    Quick google threw this one up
  4. My question then, worth getting a expensive Motherboard to get 1600 MHz memory? or just get 1333 with faster steppings?
    Since from what I can see, the one you linked moto is not supporting 1600 MHz.

    And whats the difference between 890GF and 890FX? the FX is in general 65$ more expensive.
  5. Even though I am a Intel fan, I say go with AMD if you save $250. Both will be similar.

    I definitely would buy an ati video card though 5xxx.
  6. I just googled 890 chipset and that was first Mobo that I saw, theres plenty of 790 chipset Mobo's that will run 1600 ram, I just hadn't the time to research a load of them but 1333Mhz should be fine for anything you'll be using it for imo
    I run 1600 and theres no great improvement over my Gf's almost identical rig running 1333
    We both run Sapphire 5770's for WoW and they run it great on max btw
  7. Great, ill try to find a good 790 and some 1600MHz Memory.

    Is there a big difference between Duel and Triple channel when it comes to gaming?
    I saw some test around, where the Triple was superior, how about gaming?
  8. Couldn't say without researching that myself mate,
    I would hazard that theres some benefits to it, some drawbacks but for most applications You should'nt really see much difference between the two, same as 1333 and 1600, most people wont get anything perceptible, its when you O/c the 1600 you'd have more headroom to play with
  9. I use a HD5870 and my friend uses a 9800GTX+ and we both get similar fps in WoW. We both get around 80 FPS in populated areas and play on Ultra settings, the only difference is I play at 1920x1200 and he plays at 1440x900. Nvidia cards can usually turn the shadow settings up with little penalty in WoW. I wouldn't doubt that the GTX460 would outpreform the 5870 in WoW.
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