No beep on startup, everything else is spinning and lighting

I am trying to build my second desktop with the following components




I double checked all connections. When I power up, I see everything light up and fans spinning, but I don't hear a beep nor I see anything on the monitor. Does it matter if I am using a wireless keyboard or do I have to use a PS2 keyboard?
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  1. The wireless keyboard shouldn't matter.

    According to Biostar's website, your CPU isn't officially supported on that motherboard. That doesn't mean that is the problem, but something to keep in mind.

    Have you tried booting without RAM installed just to see if you get memory beep codes? If you do get beep codes, try installing only one stick at a time and then booting. Sometimes that helps you POST, get into the BIOS to set the RAM speed/voltage/timings manually. Another thing to check is the standoffs on the case. Any extra standoffs grounding on the backside of the motherboard?
  2. Thank you for your reply. I did not check for the extra standoffs under the MB and did not try booting without the RAM. But I bought these the MB and the CPU as a combo from Newegg and will double check the requirements of those. Will try them this evening/tonite and post the results. And is it okay to check and reseat the CPU into its slot?
  3. As long as you clean and reapply the thermal compound properly it's okay to check the CPU.
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