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This might be a stupid question but here it goes.. Is there any way that i could get my computer to boot when i turn on my power supply without having to hit the power button?
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  1. Just to make sure I'm understanding you here, you want your computer to turn on whenever you turn your power supply on at the socket? Well anything's possible ;)

    Some systems have the ability to power on when you press a certain key on the keyboard. I know on my keyboard there is a wake-up button for this. I've never used it but it might be worth looking at for you and may be the more simple approach for what you're looking to do. Google is your friend.
  2. Yep you got me right....

    That would definately work and it may even be easier. My issue is that i built a desk and actually built a pc inside the desk. The top of the desk is plexiglass so you can see all the components on the inside, but the on button i have attached is on the motherboard since i dont have this conected to an actual case with an on/off switch.
  3. Yes, In your bios you'll find a setting for what to do after power loss. Select "full on".
    I use a power control center. One switch turns on everything.
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