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Hi all, my turn to post a question, been rolling around the forums alot lately, and its time i asked a question in return.

Just bought a couple of games to treat myself after a long but worthy hard earned overtimed, cold fingered, snappy mouthed month of work - I fidn the onboard sound is pretty crap. Well, for some reason it seems to vary in quality and volume in each game and media player.

For example, the quality of sound in Borderlands is awesome and Loud. On TV Speakers its set to 20-30 depending on how brave i am. (In both headphone and TV Speakers), same with Media Player whilst watching films or family guy etc.

But Dead Rising 2 i have to set them to 70-80 (Max 100) to get a decent voluem to hear things with - and as tiem progresses, you forget its set to 70-80 and when you have some alone time watching pron.. i mean south park, this can get quite embarrassing.

Now, all the volumes in Win 7 and the game are flat out, ive tried Logitech 2.1 Speakers, 3 different headphones (1 Creative, 1 Seingeteteteter (Spl) and 1 Normal ipod) all about the same, very little in improvement in quality or volume.

Is this the game, or is this the onboard sound from the motherboard being quite low quality anyways.

Its a P6X58D-E Motherboard with Realtek® ALC889 8-Channel High Definition Audio. Im not a fan of onboard audio anyways and ive always seemed to find realtek low end stuff anyways.

Drivers are up-to-date as far as im aware, would it be in the interest of better quality to have a dedicated sound card to imrpove this, or is it me getting old? What? Who?

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    My newest build also featured ALC 889 onboard and i agree it performed pretty much like you're describing.
    It's ok and a marked improvement over previous generations of onboard but my old Audigy 2 on my 8yr old build sounds better.
    I wasn't satisified with my new rigs onboard and purchased a Win 7 supported soundcard.
    Couldn't be happier you can spend alot or somewhere in the $60 range for a decent card.
    Asus,Auzentech,and Omega are worth looking into.
    I bought an Auzentech Forte for my main rig it's a good all around performer and
    is priced in the middle range of what decent cards cost.
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