Possible upgrade of currenty system - advice needed

Approximate Purchase date: October 2010
Parts not needed : Keyboard, Computer Casing, Mouse, Screen
Overclocking: Maybe
SLI or Cross Fire: Maybe
Monitor Resolution: 1920*1080

Dear Tomshardware Community,
I recently bought a system (last year :??: ) but not satisfied with the current performance, i mostly play on 1920 * 1080, but the with the recent releases my system is starting to become obsolete (i think so :??: ). I would be grateful if you guys could help me upgrading / choosing some parts that will get me the best performance for money.

Currently My Spec is :

Casing - Coolermaster HAF 932
Power Supply - Gigabyte 550W
Processor - Intel Core2Duo E8400
Memory - 4GB Kingston Ram
Motherboard - Gigabyte EP43-UD3L
Graphic Card - MSI N260 GTX T2D869 216Core OC
Hard Disk - Hitachi 500 GB

Am planning do some upgrades with my current system. What are your views on these items ?

Processor - Core i5 750
Motherboard - ASUS P7P55D-E Pro
Memory - Corsair Dominator 4GB DDR3 1600

If i can save some money i might get a :

Graphic Card - GTX 470

Is it a necessity to change my PSU if i upgrade my processor. My Budget is aroung $850-$900 (Counting shipping and tax rates as i don't live in USA). Thats it guys, i would be grateful that you could comment / advice me :)
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  1. What is it that makes you think your current system is needing the upgrade? Are games running slow/choppy? Etc. If so, you may just need the video card upgrade.
  2. Well i did the Final Fantasy 14 Benchmark and got 2500- ish score. Played Starcraft 2 Today and got 30 FPS on 1920*1080 on medium settings. If i get a better video card on my current setup, will i not suffer from CPU bottleneck ? The things is am wondering if my system won't be outdated soon to play new games.

    Thanks for the ultra fast reply lol :D
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    The E8400 would only be an issue in CPU intensive games.

    Here's the win-win way to look at it: You buy the card and all of your games run faster (win), or you buy the card and see no difference-> you can carry over the new card to a new build (win) so no loss there.

    Another thing to consider is your power supply. I've read that the GTX 470 needs a 550W with 38A on the +12V rails and your 550W Gigabyte has 30A. Maybe consider one of the ATI HD58xxx cards that need less power.
  4. Dear rwpritchett, thanks again for the reply. I think ill follow your advice and get a graphic card first as you said its a win-win situation but there is no hurry as i said i will get the parts in October or if i burn something will overclocking :P.

    Cheers mate
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