Hey all,

I recently got a M4A89GTD PRO Mobo and paired it with the AMD Phenom II 965BE. However both were DOA.

But for the few short minutes they were working, I was getting BSOD using the G.Skill Ripjaw 4GB RAM, and further research led to me to find that there is some compatibility issues between the RAM and Mobo I got.

Anyone have any suggestions of whats some good sticks to get for this Mobo?

Thanks all.
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  1. Look at the memory QVL from asus... Some g.skill ram is there while others are not.
  2. Oh mine is there all right, however it still is experiencing stability issues. Some are able to get it stable by under-clocking to 800Mhz, I rather avoid that.
  3. domobon, what kind of RAM are you using precisely? I use all three of those items (depending on what RAM). Perhaps this post of my settings will help you. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/261908-29-ocing-1333-1600-asus-m4a89gtd-usb3
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