Asus M4A89GTD pro/usb3 With 6970 ISSUE BIOS

So Ive been on the Graphic Card section for quiet some time now trying to figure out why my computer cannot detect the 6970 i recently installed
i cannot install drivers for it and when i use Catalyst Control Center it only detects the on board graphics which is an HD 4290. and it is constantly installing that.
the only thing left that have not tried is going through the bios and somehow disabling the onboard graphics and enabling the pcie card, though i cannot figure this out.

please review over the thread i linked above so you know what i have already tried.
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  1. Did you connect the two extra power connectors to the card?
    The black ones in here:,3253,l%253D258116%2526a%253D258261%2526po%253D3,00.asp?p=n
  2. how cold i forget that lol
    thanks anyways i took it to a store today to test it and they say it likely came DOA
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