Looking to build a long-term relationship with a PC

Building a computer and I'm in it for the long haul, looking to keep for 4-6 years and upgrade a few components, add an extra memory stick/graphics card/blu ray/another SDD when time/$$ allows.

I don't plan on overclocking yet, but would like to keep the option available. Would prefer power efficient, the only brand i wouldn't want to buy is Foxconn. I don't mind waiting for the right deal to come along, but would like it running in a month ideally. I've given price per component b/c I'm a little flexible on when these items need to be purchased. I don't want to flood the post too much, so thanks in advance. Esp. if you got this far. If there is something I can get cheaper tonight with bing cashback before it expires, I'll get it.

I plan to use it for Starcraft 2, an MMORPG (either GoW2, Star Wars, DC Universe, or FF XIV), a shooter (hopefully the new CoD doesn't suck as much as MW2) I browse the web a lot (blog reading/writing) and watch a lot of Netflix/youtube. Lots of windows open all the time.

Windows 7 for 100 maybe cheaper tonight w/ BCB

Case for 145
I bought the Cooler Master Haf 932 Black Edition for 145, does it need anything else like another fan or something?

PSU (~100)- I know it depends on mobo/processor too, but am looking at Corsair or OCZ, 750 W at least? I'm sure you guys know better than I do. Price I'd like to keep around 100, but if it's worth it since I want to keep this comp for a while to go a little higher, I'd be willing to. Or just replace it down the line in a year or two (if that is advisable to do so)? Would like SLI/Crossfire capabilities, just in case. Or should I avoid it?

Graphics (~200) GTX 460, Palit - http://www.techspot.com/review/299-palit-inno3d-geforce-gtx-460/ I'm planning on adding a second one in the future, do I need to do anything drastic when I add a second card or can I just attach it and install necessary drivers? Anything I need to get additionally to make sure heating / everything is ok? Sli crossfire

Mobo/Chip (~200 [for processor, 300 total?])- I've narrowed it down to AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition, core i5 750, or AMD Phenom II x6 1055T. If one of them comes with a good MoBo combo that would probably win me over. I don't think I'm too picky here, and would prefer something without too much hassle to install. If tigerdirect/circuit city have it will try to get it tonight with BCB

Drive (~200?)- Do i need SSD, HDD, or Hybrid? I was thinking I could get an SSD for around 100 for now and an external HDD for media, I have a lot of music/audiobooks. Can I also add another SSD or HDD internally in the future? Or should I replace the  SSD with another one? The fuzziest area for me.

Ram (~200?)- I think 6 GB ram should be enough for now, can I just add another stick later and make it 9 GB? Or get 2 4 GB sticks?
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  1. If u looking long term and start small :

    AM3 870 series + Rana 440
    nice CL7 pair of 2 x 2 DDR3 1333
    HD 5770- GTX 460, and stick to single GPU solutions all the way
    80+ 600W PSU
    decent case with good cooling options
    500GB-1TB HDD

    Next gen AMD desktop Bulldozer line a.k.a Zambezi is backwards compatible with socket AM3
  2. Thanks batuchka, just a couple questions.

    What's main difference between MSI-870A-g54 and MSI-880GMA-E45? 10 dollars difference, if it's better I don't mind spending that.

    Or what about the Asrock 870 Extreme 3? It's 20 dollars off right now to make it 89.99 instead of getting 10.00 MSI rebate and shipping is free.

    I was planning on getting the GTX 460, is it not compatible with AMD? I wanted to get the GTX 460 more because it performed better overall in the tests for Starcraft 2, which is the main game i plan on playing

    Here is 870

    Here is 880

    Here is ASRock 870
  3. MSI-870A-g54
    ATX + 16/4 CF

    mATX + 1 PCIex16 2.0 + HD 4250 IGP

    Asrock 870 Extreme 3
    ATX + 8/8 CF

    Nah Nvidia +AMD is all good
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