External hdd reading but shows this folder is empty

Hello, I have an external HDD of 500 gb and transcend make. when i try to open it on any computer it shows 'this folder is empty' yet its about 90% full. Please help me resolve the problem and access the data
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  1. Hello, & Welcome to Tom's Hardware!

    What is the Make/Model# of your external HDD, and is it connected by a USB connector? Are you connecting it to a Win-7, Vista, or Win-XP computer?

    Could you please connect it to your desktop computer, go to Disk Management (right click on my computer, manage, computer management, lower left corner click on Disk Management).

    Up load a screenshot of the Disk Management dialog box, especially the lower graphical area, to post on your response. That way someone can tell exactly what the problem is and how to best helop you.
  2. First thing to do, see if the folder is showing up as Hidden. Uncheck that and apply it to subfolders.
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