Which 500 GB SSD should I get?

Hey guys,

I'm looking to upgrade my HDD to an SSD. Trouble is, I'm not sure which brand or series, etc. I should get? I'm going to need at least 450 GB of storage (I'm not a fan of having a system drive and storage drive, too much of a hassle for me, however I would put movies, pictures, music, etc. on my HDD's) Help would be much appreciated. :)
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  1. I would look first to Samsung or Intel for reliability. They produce their own nand chips and can do a better job of validation. Performance differences are negligible to the end user.
  2. How about Corsair? The Intel drives are very expensive, but if it really is needed I may consider them.
  3. You don't mention price so I assume it's not a factor. I like my Crucial M4 very much. I also have two Samsung but only recently so no track record. You say you don't want a second drive but I doubt you'll have a choice. It doesn't take very many movie files to fill a 500GB SSD and then you need something else. Either another SSD od a HDD. I chose a 2TB external WD green and a 256GB SSD boot drive. Works for me.
  4. For the price of a 500gb SSD you could probably get a 256gb SSD and another harddrive to set up in a RAID 0 configuration, what is the 450gb of data being used for that you need all of it available at SSD speeds?
  5. The reason I didn't mention price is because I live in South Africa, and price is a rather complex issue compared to prices on say Amazon ($313 graphics card costs $417) So the Amazon price is about $500 for the Intel 520 Series, the price here is $780! The Corsair drive comes in at about $536. I'm budgeting max about $600, so you see my problem. :( As regards your statement to movies and such. I will be moving my media files to the HDD's. What I meant by two drives is like installing program files in different locations that is a real pain to me!

    All I'm really looking for is a reliable SSD that'll be fast and that will be able to handle 400 GB of data i.e. performance not dropping off dramatically after 50% capacity. Sorry for all the trouble
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