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I have found a pc that was discarded and is fairky complete with a P4 2.8ghz pentium. One problem, the HD is a Western Digital 120gb, but in formatting it with either an Win XP OS disc or using a boot floppy and FDisk, only a 4gb partition is recognized. It will install wWin Xp fine but you will only have a 4gb instaed of the 120 gb actual size. Is there any way around this otr do I just have to get a different HD? By the way the PC is a SATA but the HD that's in it is an IDE drive, Curious ?? Get another HD ?? Thanks, Robert
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  1. You may need repartition the drive.
  2. Regardless of the SATA/IDE issue, when doing a fresh install of XP you will have the option to delete any previous partitions and create another with a size of your choosing. The next step after creating the new partition is to re-format. I should also say that a 120GB HDD is pretty old. Personally, I'd replace it.
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