Setting up a VPN for a remote camera

I know nothing about setting up a VPN, but I would like to be able to connect to my office computer while I'm traveling. mostly to set up a remote Camera to access to check up what's happening on the production area.
I know how to set up simple office networks and connect several computers etc, but would like some input/ reference material to start a VPN. thanks
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  1. Anytime someone is contemplating remote access into a work environment, I have to provide a disclaimer that anything I’m about to suggest might violate company policies. Many companies already provide a VPN solution. So that should always be the starting point. That said,

    LogMeIn Hamachi + RDP

    Actually RDP is already secured, although the authentication process (to the best of my knowledge) is not (a slight vulnerability). But if you want the extra security of a VPN, nothing is as easy to install, configure, and manage as Hamachi. Now you can run just about ANYTHING over that VPN (RDP, VNC, HTTP, FTP, Telnet, etc.). Once you have remote desktop, then obviously you can access anything on your office desktop, including any network cameras.

    Now admittedly remote desktop may not be the best solution in terms of efficiency or image quality. Alternatively, you could consider installing Hamachi at work using a Gateway configuration. This creates a bridged connection between your actual network adapter and the Hamachi virtual network adapter. The Hamachi connection is configured using an IP address from your office’s DHCP server, as if you were physically on that network. And by extension you can access ANY resources by those same IP addresses, including any network cameras.

    IOW, whereas the Hamachi default configuration (mesh) only allows access to other Hamachi computers over the 5.x.x.x network, a computer configured as a Hamachi gateway is more like a traditional VPN. For all intents and purposes, you’re on that remote network as if you were there physically. And thus have access to all the same resources. Even Windows name resolution will work! It’s almost hard to believe (even a little scary if you’re an administrator).

    Are there other options? Well you could use a MS VPN, but then you have to deal w/ firewall configuration issues at work, perhaps something you don’t control, or can control but rather not. Plus manage your own firewall at home. Hamachi avoids a lot of these issues. And a lot just depends on what makes sense given the environment you’re in. Configuring your own home network provides far more flexibility and options than dealing w/ a work situation. Only you can answer what is and isn’t feasible at your workplace.
  2. Thanks I'm checking the logmeIn and will let you know if that works for me.
    I appreciate your help.
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