5850, or 5870 with specs listed in thread

I am debating on geting either a 5850, or 5870 and would like some advise.

my current setup is:

gigabyte ga-p35-ds3l v.2 motherboard
4GB 1066 ram
e8400 overclocked 3.8ghz

Operating system:
windows 7 64bit pro.

panasonic 42" 1080p plasma.

I will be using this for blu-ray and games

The games i want to play are:
crysis 2
fallout newvegas
Just Cause 2
Masseffect 2
Devil May Cry 4
and others...

Other notes:

Later this year i plan to upgrade to a 12GB system with an i7 processer
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  1. Forgot to mention i have a 1200 watt ocz powersupply and plan to go crossfire down the road.
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    Get the 5870 if you plan on going with crossfire and if you also plan on going with an i7 build.

    The 5850 is nice and can overclock well but the 5870 is nicer and can overclock just as well.

    I am not suggesting anything but since your power supply is capable, you could also consider a GTX 470 or GTX 480.

    Another consideration is to wait for the new AMD refresh cards such as the 5890 or whatever else they have in store, they should release sometime in the near future if you can wait...
  3. I would love to get a 5890, but im trying to stay under 500/card. What are performance vs price differences with going with the 470 or 480s. It seems most reviews ive read say to get the ati cards becuase their price/value is greater than the nvidia's price/value.
  4. the 470 is about the same performance as the 5870 but requires more power and may be a little more expensive, you would have to check your local prices on that. The 480 is better than the 5870 in most situations.
  5. well i decieded to go with the GTX 480. Thanks for the help guys.
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