S-Video output - no more?

I am looking to upgrade my graphics card to something a bit more modern and all the shops locally have graphics cards with HDMI outputs. Does anyone know of any with the age-old S-Video/Composite video out?

I am looking at anything from a AMD 4850 up.

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  1. I have the ati xfx 4770 it has s-video out. Never used it myself.
    S-video quality is on the level of vhs/vcr.
  2. Currently I have a 4670 - just want to upgrade it.

    So looking at anything from a 5xxx series is all HDMI - I live in Thailand, so don't get the huge choice as I get when I am back in Europe.

    So i though a 4850 would be a minimum upgrade, but the ones in my local shop here are ALL HDMI - even lower spec cards.

    Thanks for the help anyway.
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