Is this performance acceptable?

Hey guys,

I have a 500 GB Seagate HDD. I was just wondering if this performance is acceptable?

Performance figures for 500GB system drive:

Performance figures for 500GB backup drive:
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  1. Looks about right to me. Smaller drives tend to be slower than their larger counterparts.
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    it is actually good. Seagates are not good HDDS unfortunatelly, but they are the biggest producer of hdds.

    They tend to fail more than more respectable brands like samsung or hitachi.
    Dont try to compare your results to reviews!

    For reviews, best models are sent, for customers, are not.
  3. If you care enough to benchmark your drive ... then its time to get an SSD! :-) Prices continue to fall ...

    Personal comment: Also .. every single Seagate I have ever owned has died a horrible clicking death.
  4. haha Yes I know! An SSD is next on the upgrade list, just waiting for funds :P. As regards the horrible clicking death, you're not the only one! I've had two fail so far and my current one doesn't sound too healthy, but maybe that's just me. I live in South Africa so it's hard to get pc parts, and even worse I live in a small town so I'm lucky that I even found a HDD at all! Africa isn't for sissies! or pc enthusiasts! ;)
  5. Oh wow. Have fun paying for shipping :-/
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