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Hell everyone! I bought a HP Elite 180-t back in December and instead of getting a monitor I just hooked it up to my 32" Vizio LCD TV and everything worked fine! When changing my resolution it always came up as Generic PnP Monitor but worked correctly and let me change the resolution. The screen kept getting a yellow tint to it due to one of the pins on the VGA cable being broken so yesterday I went and bought a new VGA cable and hooked it up and everything was fine still, no yellow. But I went to bed and put the computer on sleep mode and now today my resolution is limited to 1336 x 768 and my monitor is detected now as VW32L HDTV40. In games and on desktop I cant use higher than 1336 x 768 which is kind of sucky when before I used 1280 x 1024 for my desktop and much higher for games.

On the Device Manager the monitor still shows up at Generic PnP Monitor but on the screen resolution page it shows up at the VW32L HDTV40. There isnt an option to roll back drivers as the TV has the same ones its had since I bought it in 2006.

Does anyone have any idea how to get it back to better resolutions or make it Generic again possibly?

If it helps I have:
- Windows 7
- Intel Core-i7 920
- 9gb RAM
- 1.8gb Nvidia GeForce GTX 260

PS I didnt know what subcategory to put it under so I just went with Nvidia, I hope thats fine.
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  1. Is that a 720P or 1080P TV?
    According to this the max resolution your TV has is 1366x768! If you where able to put the settings higher I don't know how you got a TV that only has 1366x768 pixels to display more pixels.
  2. It wasnt distorted or anything like that, it looked normal so it seems plenty capable of handling the higher resolutions, I dont know why all of a sudden its being capped down at 1366x768..
  3. It is impossible for a LCD to show more pixels than what is on it. The only way is that it somehow trimmed of pixels to fit the screen.
  4. What about the pins on the VGS or DVI connectors? Is there one that I can bend out of the way or remove that will keep my computer from recognizing the tv?

    Also when I have it on Composite it says 1080i at the top right side so it must accept 1080i at least.
  5. Ok I got a program called PowerStrip and it says the following:

    The following display adapters have been detected: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260

    Adapter Defaults:
    Display- TrueColor (32bit) - 1336x768
    Clocks- Engine: 518MHz - Memory: 1008MHZ

    Attached Monitor:
    Model- Generic PnP Monitor (Microsoft)
    Capabilities- 1600x1200 (75kHz/85Hz)
  6. 1080i means interlaced.
    It is downscaled & deinterlaced to 1366x768.
    It means your monitor ONLY had 1366x768 pixels. It showed half of 1920x1080 (1080P, full HD) at a time (1080i, HD).
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