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Hello everyone,

Would it be possible to get some feedback on my query? :-)

I\'m sorry if youve had this question too many times before... :-)

I wish to assemble a new machine to work on with rendering animations and stills V-ray (3DS-Max, Maya, SketchUP - mainly for architectural illustration presentations etc.).

Furthermore I work with large scale picture material for large scale print production.

My budget at the moment is approx. $1500-2500

Could someone please advice me too regarding the INTEL vs. AMD debate, since I keep getting information that Intel is better for graphic design work where as AMD is preferable when it comes to gaming - is this true???

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Intel at the moment is faster "clock for clock". meaning if AMD has a quad core at 2.8ghz, Intel at the same speed will be faster.

    That being said, Amd still provides good performance, and is in most cases cheaper. You can't go wrong with either an Intel quad core, or Amd's 6 core processor. Rendering is the main reason for your build, so AMD's 6 core should keep up with Intel quads in multi threaded applications.

    Add 8 gigs of decent ram and your good to go.
  2. thx so much. :-)

    Also, I've just been reading a little about GPU rendering. As far as I can see this is something quite new.

    Does someone here have any advice in regard to these GPU and OCL rendering etc. ??? :-) a bit too advanced for me to understand all Ive read about it so far.

    Thanks in advance,
  3. Np, I don't know much about gpu rendering unless it's optimized for the cuda platform. I use my gtx285 to encode video to iphone using a cuda based program.
  4. Thx to the both of you...

    Not to be a pain, but it is exactly the CUDA platform. Do you know if its possible for large format rendering too? lets say 1920 x 1080 and still beat CPU speeds? I mean, you wrote u used it for iPhone video. I'm curious whether it is something I should look into for proffesional use instead of say "V-ray" or other CPU-based rendering programmes? :-)

  5. It can't hurt to look into it, I honestly don't know how far you can go with it. the program I use is just a little 50 dollar setup, for outputting video to iphone or a few other formats. I do know they use cuda in the scientific field, but not sure about actual editing.
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