PSU Amperage (image included)

I am currently using a SS-600-HT Seasonic psu with the following specifications.

Incase the picture doesnt load, the psu features a split 12v1/12v2 rail, 18AMPs per rail,totaling 32A with a total wattage of 432.

For 3 years i have been running the following configuration:
(PSU Mentioned above)
Mobo: Gigabyte X48-DQ6
Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX 8800
CPU: Intel core 2 quad q6600
RAM: Crosair DDR2 4x1GB
HD: Western Digital 320GB
Optical Drive: DVDRW Samsung 182M LightS

My 8800GTX overheated and died after close to three and half a years of flawless use. I have never experienced my computer shutting down or restarting of PSU overload.

I would like to upgrade to a MSI GTX 460 OC (i suppose i can use a non OC one) , but it is said to require 24 AMPS on the 12v rail, with a peak load of 306 watts. As far as i know the 8800 GTX has similar requirements but im currently unsure.
Can i combine the 12v rails to have 32A for both the card and cpu or are they separate?

The question: Will my psu be able to handle the new card? If not, what would you reccomend
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  1. That psu can handle the new card no problem.
  2. Excellent, thank you for your quick and simple reply!
  3. Np, your looking at 2 12v rails that should provide more than 30 amps of power. Seasonic is a very good psu manufacturer, so I don't for see any problems.
  4. Your PSU is one of the few where the maximum 12 volt power equals the sum of the rails - 36 amps, not 32 amps.
  5. Thats good to know! Thank you!
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