Onboard audio issues?

dunno if this is in the right sub-section, but for some reason i can never get my front audio to work on any builds i do. I got the antec 300 illusion a while back and i believe an msi gd65 and i connected the HD audio onto the header on the board, and i cant get the front ports for audio and mic to work. same thing with the HD audio header. Ive searched their website for drivers and such cause i dunno what to do and I cant find anything. the back work just fine
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  1. I just tested on my system, when i plugged my headphones onto the front port on my Antec 300 windows 7 asked me what i just put into the audio jack, i selected headphones and then the music switch from my speakers to the headphones in the front jack.
  2. mine doesnt ask me what i plug in, but i MUST have the drivers cause my onboard sound works fine.
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