Another 4870 1G or one 58xx?

my specs are in my sig. I have a Sapphire 4870 1G. i found a new Asus 4870 1G for $120. Should i get it or just save up and get a 58xx card? Either way, I want to stay 256 bit, so i dont want a 5770.

-Direct x 10.1 vs 11
-PCIe 2.0 vs 2.1
-gaming only. Will i see enough of a FPS improvement to warrant a xfire set up?
-will 2 4870's be obsolete to fast?
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  1. That's pretty sweet deal I get it for now it will run all games good for ages at 1920x1200 easy and then when it doesn't you'll have the cash saved up to upgrade to a new gen card
  2. I may have found catch 22. The asus states DDR5 not GDDR5. Is the lack of G a typo or is it the reason this card is cheap?
  3. @50bmg: DX10 and 11 is Win 7/Vista only and you do not mention your OS.
    The C2D is going to hold back dual 4870's a little, but not too much-a little overclock will go a long way to addressing this 'problem' and a cheap cooler (coolermaster Hyper 212 plus) is more than enough to keep the temperatures down on such a chip.
    You're not missing much without DX11 apart from a huge drop in framerates (from DX9) and I doubt the developers will stop supporting DX9/10 soon so the second card is not likely to become a doorstop very quickly.
    Me-I'd grab the second card in a heartbeat, but make sure the PSU can handle it.


    It's a typo.
  4. Yeh it's a typo and yes the above is bang on but 4870 are dx10 not 9 so the will last ages.
  5. Adding a second 4870 to my system, even though they are 512mb cards, was pure awesome. The C2Q offer very similar performance clock-per-clock (even slightly better by some peoples opinions) when compared to Phenom IIs, so our experiences should be similar. I personally decided to wait another generation for a DX11 card, seeing as how neither NVidia nor ATI gives spectacular tessellation performance yet, and that seems to be the DX11 feature I am most interested in, personally.
  6. Well these are the first DX11 cards so they will be very poor compare to next year this time, adding an extra 4870 for that price is a no brainer and you will get some really nice performance.
  7. cool. Tom's members FTW.

    To Coozie: my specs are in my sig.

    I used to keep up with this stuff, but last year i got into black rifles and have not be geekin it up lately. It is time to blow some cash on some framerates.
  8. really, i do play BC2. Can you describe the difference?
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