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WOL over Internet via third device (e.g. IP Camera)

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March 26, 2010 4:00:15 PM


After unsuccessful attempts for WOL (wake on lan) from Internet (WOL from LAN works ok) because of the router dropping any directed broadcast (to 192.168.x.255), I'm looking for a third device like a IP Camera with a web server in which I can connect and run a little program sending a broadcast "magic packet" to wake my PC.
Needless to say, the device must run all the time so it must consume very little power.
I found a device called IP Power able to send WOL packet and in addition can ON/OFF power remotely (necessary if the PC is in a crash state) with an integrated web server but it is too expensive and has much more capabilities that I need.

Thanks in advance to tell me if you know any such device

P.S. Redirecting to my PC the WOL port (9 but can be others) to my PC doesn't work because my PC is off!!! The router needs to send an ARP request asking the MAC @ of my PC but because it is off it can't respond!
One solution would be to enter a static ARP entry but I can't do that without access to my router command interface (Linksys WRT610N) and I don't want to flash it for a dd-wrt firmware.
The other solution is the one supported by IPpower that I explained above but I want it on a much smaller, simpler, and cheaper device: log in to the web server of IPpower (or similar device like an IP camera) and send the magic packet from the LAN. IMO, an IP camera is the best device that could do that because it is made to be always ON.

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March 31, 2010 7:43:09 AM

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