Starting My First Computer Build

I am starting my first build. I am trying to keep it around $700. I don't know if the parts are compatible.

So these are the parts I have chosen.


Video Card

Mother Board



Hard Drive



This is my first build. I don't know if these parts are compatible, Or if this is everything i need (already have Monitor, Keyboard, mouse). I am open to suggestions for better parts to replace these. The cheaper the better.
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  1. Everything's compatible but here are my recommendations:

    This combo:

    Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1333 MHz & NZXT M59 Combo - $119.98 after $10 rebate

    I didn't think that RAM with more one egg than five egg reviews was a good choice so to be safe I chose this combo instead. Also the case is much nicer.

    This is a faster HDD with more capacity for $5 more:

    For the graphics card... I'd choose something the HD 5770, a $20 more expensive but much faster than the 9800 GTX+:

    In total, you're only spending $4.00 for better components, and a faster graphics card. :)
  2. $541AR, +$100 for OS
  3. CPU-,2675.html
    GPU-newer tech
    RAM-I'm not a fan of OZC RAM
    CASE-bigger better cases
  4. batuchka said:

    ^+1 honestly with this guy around i wonder why i even bother sometimes lol!:)
  5. davcon said:
    ^+1 honestly with this guy around i wonder why i even bother sometimes lol!:)

    Both batuchka and Lmeow are "johnny on the spot" with parts lists, and dead on for the combo deals. ^+10 guys for your help to the community.
  6. Thanks for the quick replys.
    I found a copy of vista laying around, and have a windows 7 upgrade disc so I don't need a operating system. I think I'm going to go with Lmeows ideas as that puts me right around my goal.
  7. Not a post by me. Sorry
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