Need help picking out a PSU.

How's it going? I'm working on a new rig. I'm having some trouble picking out a PSU. I would like to keep it under $200. Here's what I'm putting in:

2x EVGA GTX 460 1g
ASUS P6T6 WS Revolution
G.Skill 3x2g
OCZ Vertex 2 SSD 100g

I'm guessing 850w will be enough. I do plan on over-clocking, and I probably won't be expanding.


Taking a look at these.|17-139-009^17-139-009-S01,17-139-011^17-139-011-TS,17-139-015^17-139-015-TS,17-171-049^17-171-049-TS
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  1. any 650w+ from corsair, antec truepower, xfx, seasonic will do the job

    newegg has a sale on this truepower with 15% off
  2. Agree with 650W+ being plenty, but might well choose the $100 750W Antec Earthwatts instead as best match/value today at Newegg, non-modular:
  3. Out of the PSU's you listed I would go with the corsair HX850 I have one and I must and im really impressed. 7 year warranty , tons of cables and the most important stable power. Yes the PSU you mite be overkill for your set up as it is for mine, but I got it with the idea that I wouldn't have to upgrade PSU for a while. Here is a good review on the PSU
  4. 650W would be plenty, no need for a 850W.

    If you haven't decides on a case yet, heres a great combo:
  5. The HX is a really nice unit. I went with a thermaltake blackwidow 850 to run my dual gtx460 beast. I didnt wantt o wait for shipping and Bestbuy had it in stock and on sale... so far no problems with it (2 months now) or my 2 yr olf 650w Blackwidow.
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