How big should i get?

OK so i was thinking of getting a SSD for my computer because i heard it boost performance... This will really only be for games so how big should i get, also which one(brand)? i was hoping to put all my games on it.
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  1. what games will you be playing/size of them i would suggest a 128gb or 120gb ssd but it depends on what you are putting on it
  2. The general rule of thumb is purchase the largest capacity ssd you can afford.

    In terms of price 120GB ssd's are considered to be the sweet spot. There have been some really great sale prices lately. Sale prices are well below $1.00 USD per GB and heading toward $0.50 per GB in the USA.

    A 120GB ssd can easily hold Microsoft Windows 7, applications, utilities, and some of your favorite games. You'll have to check your games and see what their space requirements are. Some gamers have a lot of games that eat up a lot of drive space. They usually store additional games on a hard drive. Swapping games between the ssd and the hard drive is easy to do.

    I recommend Samsung drives. Samsung drives have a stellar track record for performance and quality.

    I maintain the ssd database listed in the sticky at the very top of this forum section. Here is the link:

    Scroll down to the brands and models you are interested in and follow the links to the technical reviews.
  3. I can also recommend a Samsung SSD.
    I would check how much space your current installed games need, if they consume over 50 GB you should think about going to a 256 GB SSD or swap some games to an additional/old HDD.
  4. I highly regret not going with a 256g drive at this point. I just game on this machine, and the drive is full and thats with constantly removing games I no longer play.

    The samsung 830 256g drive was $160 earlier this week, and likely will continue to be on sale until the 840 series replaces them. I would look for a deal on one of those.

    Actually its $154 today on amazon,

    That is a very fair price on a great drive.
  5. I will say 120 GB is more than enough with other HDD, in amazon SAMSUNG 830 for $70 now.
  6. wow thanks all of you for replying! [:panicmaster85:6]
    I really appreciate it anyways

    I will install all the very demanding games such as bf3 crysis and gta IV
    I already have a 1tb hdd and i dont think i will put the os on the ssd because i really dont want to reinstall windows

    Thank you for the thought out reply
    I like the 120 as well and i think my spending limit is about 100 and if we could get to 70 or so that would be even better but I think the samsung does look really high quality and i think if i can stick with them

    The space is well over 150GB but thats fine because most of them dont really need the speed of and ssd only big games like bf3 etc etc

    150 is too much [:panicmaster85:5] but i think the 120 might do i dont have that much spending money right now

    that one only has a 240 and 68gb :/
  7. also do you guys recommend any external hard drives for video capturing?
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