I'm currently runing a Abit AN8 SLI Fatality Mother board with a AMD socket 939 athalon 4200x2. 4 gigs of ram and 2 asus 9600gt's with windows 7 64bit. My question is would I see a performance boost in gaming if I got the amd socket 939 opteron 185 x2?
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  1. You'll see a slight performance increase in CPU limited titles but in VGA limited games,you probably won't notice any performance increase.
  2. You *should* be able to squeeze a bit out of it if you know how to overclock the old way.
  3. So it really wouldnt be big enough increase to spend $150-$200 for the opteron.
  4. Quote:
    So it really wouldnt be big enough increase to spend $150-$200 for the opteron?

    hell no, you can get a new motherboard and a new quadcore amd for >$200
  5. Maybe even less then that. Earlier this year I picked up an AMD Athlon II 630 for about $100. Matched it with an Asrock M3A770DE for $60. Was worried about not getting a Phenom II instead, but after reading that the lack of L3 Cache translates into about a 5-7% performance penalty, went ahead and ordered and havent looked back since. After I got a Thermaltake DuOrb CPU HSF that also blows cool air all over the memory, chipset, and voltage regulators, Ive been able to OC it from 2.8Ghz to 3.7Ghz with a increase to voltages from 1.4 to 1.5. It still stays very cool, and runs everything I play like a champ! Now all I need is a beefier Video card, or another HD5770 for Crossfire, and I'll be set!
  6. Thanks! I appreciate all that replied.
  7. Sorry, I was ass-u-ming someone had a spare they were sliding you. Hell no don't pay more than $10 for it!
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