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First time I ever build something and it does not want to work. Anyhow, I have a 5850, just built the whole computer, including 22" monitor. So, I checked the monitor on this Computer and it works. However, if I use either the 17" or 22" on the new computer it keeps saying:

No VGA Signal
DVI no Signal

Any idea why it is not working. I am getting extremely discouraged. The wires that connect to the Monitor and the port on the VGA are a White and Blue one.
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  1. You should use only one cable at a time either DVI or VGA. If you are doing that then you are not getting signal from the card.
    Did you connect the external power connection from the PSU to the card?
  2. You should really use the DVI ports, both on video card and monitor. But they are more expensive, but should have been included with the monitor (both VGA and DVI). And like rolli59 said, only one cable! Either DVI or VGA.

    DVI = Digital signal, and will get the most out of your VC 5850.

    And like rolli59 said, did you plug in a PCI-e plug from your PSU into the card?
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