New build problem

new build posted, bios came up, set time and date exited now no display or keyboard?

i put together a builld with an athlon x3 440 msi 785g e51 corsair ddr3 ram, and a inno3d 768mb gtx 460, it posted i went into the bios enabled the default, set the time and date, nand there was no option to save and go back like it said there would be in the manual usin up and down keys, and going back using enter, so i pressed f10, and now there is no display and my keyboard doesnt work, but the cd drive does, the motherboard light is on, the fans spin, and there is still beepiing when i turn it on.

Can anyone help? I am really stuck and i spent 6 months saving for this system, most of the parts are from scan.

I did notice when i connected it to my tv, as it did not connect to my monitor, that at the bottom of my screen it said hypertransport flooding press f1 to continue which is how i got into the bios.
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  1. this forum has been really helpful, thank you
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