Cooler master silent pro 800w vs crosair TX 850w

G.c 460gtx
mobo p7p55D E-pro
Processor i5-760
cooler master silent pro 800w or crosair TX 850w will be a wiser choice for me?
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  1. I would get the Corsair for their good reputation. But for the single card you only need their 550.
  2. i planned to purchase another 460 in future..thats why i take 850w...
  3. The Corsair 650TX would be enough for that but it only has two PCIe connectors so maybe the 750TX
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    The Corsair TX 850w is manufactured by CWT which has a reputation for good quality PSUs. Corsair also have some PSU models manufactured by Seasonic who has a reputation for building excellent quality PSUs.

    The Silent Pro 800w is built by Enhance Electronics which is a OEM like CWT manufacturing PSUs for many other companies, but does not sell any PSUs under it own name in the retail market. I would say it's reputation is equal to that of CWT.

    Both are good PSUs, but based on reviews that I've read the Corsair beats it by a small margin.
  5. XFX Black Edition P1-750B-CAG9 750W -$129.99/$114.99 after mir
    This unit's a winner google some reviews.
    Modular too!
  6. davcon said:
    XFX Black Edition P1-750B-CAG9 750W -$129.99/$114.99 after mir

    I generally like PSUs that are manufactured by Seasonic; whether it's their own or manufactured for other brands. :)
  7. i wouldnt base this choice solely on reviews. Reviews dont show what the PSU will be like in a few years time. Coolermaster don't have the best reputation for PSU's. Corsair on the other hand don't seem to ever put out a bad model. I would stick with the corsair. 850w is not necessary, but if you can afford it, you may as well get the 850w. Better to have more now than find out you need more in the future.
  8. Like I stated, this particular Cooler Master PSU is built by Enhance Electronics whose reputation is approximately equivalent to CWT who has built the Corsair 850w PSU.

    Apparently, not all Cooler Master PSUs are crap.
  9. thx for those answer and information, now i know what should i take..
  10. additional question:
    if in future, i am going to add a liquid cooling system. will 850w sufficient ?
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