Is a 512 GB SSD worth it / enough?

Hello, so I'm looking at and I've been wondering if I should get it or not.

Is it worth it?
Will it be enough for games and programs / applications?
Is there a better one then the one I posted it?

EDIT: If there is something better, even if it costs more, I'd be willing to pay a few extra bucks.
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  1. Tweaktown's review shows good things, especially for the $400 price, and it really depends of how many applications you use, me personally i would end up using more than that, but a high capacity HDD can fix that
  2. Well I WAS thinking of getting a 2 TB HDD, but then again I heard a lot of people saying that a SSD is so much better, even with way lower capacity then a HDD.
  3. havent used one personally yet, but will be including one in my gaming build ill be making soon. if you have limitless funds, get as big of a SSD as you need if you are going to be using it for EVERY thing. There's benchmarks out there as to which SSD's have the fastest speeds. Normally, most people will recommend a 128GB. Big enough to put on your OS(s), and to install your main programs/games that you are going to play. I personally will be going with a 256 more than likely, and getting a 1 TB HDD for everything else.

    From what i've heard though, its just like night and day difference. Youtube some video comparisons and you'll see how much faster things are :)
  4. I would suggest picking up a 256GB Samsung 830 for $160. (or 2 for raid 0) If you can work with that size. steam mover helps. 512 was my goal, but with such a great deal.... I went with the 256
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