My graphics card freezez up

Hi. I have a Nvidia Geforce 9100 in my few month old HP 2009m. At the beginning I was able to play all the games I wanted at pretty good graphics levels (except gta 4). After a few months, I was playing gta san andreas, and the game was running smoothly. Then out of nowhere, the fps dropped drastically to like 2-3 fps!!! I closed the game and every thing was slow on my pc. When i would open an explorer window, even that would open at like 1 fps. The problem last for about 5 minutes after I close the game.

I got a program that monitors my GPU temp and I discover that it's at 102 degrees IDLING!!! At the point where the game freezez up it's at 123 degrees!!! This is insane. I've looked everywhere on the net and have found nothing! I NEED AN ANSWER! PLEASE!
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  1. your temp monitor is correct, it sounds like your card is defective.
  2. could you show us the link for your card?
    It seems like your card is dying, makes sure it free from dust and re-apply the thermal paste...
  3. Does the card come with a fan on it? It might have stopped working.
  4. I'm pretty sure the 9100 is intergrated.
  5. The 9100 is integrated. The fans are working. @wa1: what is the "link" to my graphics card?
  6. Well there is no link, as it's integrated, he meant a link where you could buy the card, or at nVidia's website.
  7. Oh, ok. So, any ideas???
  8. Buy a new card, chances are the chip is just going bad, and unfortunately there isn't much you can do for an integrated chip. Especially a chip with problems. You could pick up a reasonably priced PCI-e card that would do you much better.
  9. I was thinking... Would it be possible to call Nvidia and advise them that my Graphics card is defective and almost new? Maybe they'll give me a new one free of charge?
  10. I am actually having the problem as I am writing this...
  11. yea 9100 is onboard and most likely integrated into the northbridge, with it built into the nbridge they get silly hot, i have intel gma built into my board and the nbridge heatsink could cook an egg. what motherboard is it you have?
  12. How do I check what motherboard I have???
  13. With a diagnostic program like System Information Wizard or Sandra.
  14. I got SIW and it told me this about the motherboard:

    Property Value
    Model VIOLET
    Version 3.02
    Serial Number MS1C95R82502388

    North Bridge NVIDIA nForce 720a Revision A2
    South Bridge NVIDIA ID075C Revision A2

    CPU AMD Phenom(tm) 8450 Triple-Core Processor
    Cpu Socket Socket AM2+ (940)

    System Slots 4 PCI

    Memory Summary
    Maximum Capacity 8192 MBytes
    Memory Slots 4
    Error Correction None
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    Yeah pretty sure it is integrated into the northbridge. Most likely the chip just went bad. You can't replace it, you would have buy a whole new mobo. I would highly recommend getting a new card asap. Using your 9100 could damage your system over time if its really getting as hot as it says.

    If you do game, I would recommend 9800GT:

    A little pricey for a "quick fix", but it will certainly outperform your 9100, especially now that its toasted.
  16. Where can I buy one in a store insted of online??? And can I get it installed at the store??
  17. Best Buy would probably be your best bet, they could you help through the whole process.
  18. Thanks! That's perfect cuz that's where I bought the computer!
  19. Good luck with it! I'm pretty sure Best Buy is in cahoots with Geek Squad, they could install it for you.
  20. K. Thanks! By the way, how much do you think it'll cost to have it installed?
  21. Not sure, think they start at $30, installing a graphics card is crazy easy, so I wouldn't imagine they'd charge much.
  22. I don't know, my friend bought a sick-ass 9600GT before he found out his computer was slim, so he took it to a repair place, and they charged him $50 to install a 9500GT while keeping the 9600GT.
  23. Ok that's great! I'll have it done next week! Thanks guys!
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