Is this kind of temp normal?

Hello, just builded my pc and i put 2 5970's in crossfire, the card which is on top is putting out about 72 C IDLE, is that normal?
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  1. You need to improve the airflow in your case, are the two cards right next to each other or is there a space in between? If there isnt a space the top one might be getting staved for air in which case you need to either space them out a bit or improve your case airflow so that the ambient temperature is lower.
  2. They are right next to each other and, I don't think it gets any air, yet i think its impossible to make a space between them without breaking the PCI-E slot?
  3. You might as well tell the forum , your build.
    What m/b ?
    We can take a look at the layout. What model of 5970 's ?
    When you attempt to game, does the top card fan get aggressive and keep temps under , 90 ? I'd guess no, but maybe just at idle the top fan chooses not to spin fast ? What % does the fan on the card 72 at idle spin at now ?
  4. I got the P6T58X Premium Mobo, and the developer of the Ati Radeon 5970 is Sapphire, if it helps (normal model?)

    The 72C card does 30% fan speed at the moment.
  5. Sorry for double post, but the other card is also 30% but 35C..
  6. So for whatever reason, the fan profile must be based on load (in part)? I'm guessing.
    That would explain why the fan does not increase fan speed even with a 72 temp.
  7. I would really love some sort of awesome solution for this, I'm afraid of gaming when it's reaching 85C+, Anyone know how to cool my card somehow?

    (Don't say watercooling :D )
  8. Move your second card down to the third PCI-E slot.
  9. The crossfire bridge won't be able to connect them then
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