WOW its Amazing graphics!!!

Hi guys I used to have this pc
e4300 @1.8
gigabyte mobo = x-fire capable
4gb ram
2600 pro
17 crt

Then i bought this pc off some guy AUD 600
i3 530 @2.9
Asus P7H55-m H55
2gb 1333
powercolour 5770
22 inch
Asus 21.5 inch VH222H

I havent used the 22inch monitor as my desk is not big enough to fit it.
So currently i am playing on my old 17inch crt, and i must say it blow my mindoff!!! the graphics are fantastic when I play crysis (2007 version) max settings minimum 35 fps... and most of the time 55fps...
This PC rocks!!! I am a very happy gamer!! Just WOW
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  1. Glad to see a happy story on here for once man, Gratx :)
  2. not bad at all, looks like you got a good deal and weren't ripped off

    enjoy the new computer
  3. Thanks guys,
    I also got hdmi cable + KB/mouse
    My old 2600 cant barely run anything!!! most of the settings have to be low.... What a junk card..
    Anyway i set the crysis game on easy cause i dont want to fight yet and i just walk around the island and looked at the view and it was amazing!!! Nothing can describe the feeling!! Just cause 2 max out feel like your watching a movie!! Man i am so happy, cause i have never play any decent games on medium let alone high settings.
    Hope the card can pump some good frames for call of duty modern warfare series. on my 22inch HD screen. I am thingking of locking myself in my room and quit my job lol
  4. not a good idea, the pc runs on electricity, which someone will want paying for :P
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