Magnum audio cinema surround sound series

Does anybody know anything about the magnum audio cimema surround sound series. Maybe the high/def 5.1 m-230?
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  1. is a scam :) , or allmost . i tried one for a friend and it does'n't worth more then 50$ (maybe not even ,but my friend paid 200:P) . is ,,home-made''. on low volume is ok ( just ok ) , but if you try to raise the volume a little bit he fails. dont let the weight fool you , is because have metal cases . the small speakers dont look to bad but are weak . i will stronglly recomend you : DON'T BUY IT . that price (2500 $) on e-bay , is their bs you'll notice , is nothing else about magnum on any other site,comment,review... . hope you read this before you spend your monney .
  2. From this website:

    I only get the info of Magnum being a reference site, not selling any speakers. may not be the one you're talking about. But since vyb mentioned something about scamming, you might wanna consider the possibility.
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