Which motherboard for 15 2400

as stated above which mobo should i chose for an i5 2400.
no sli (will be using gtx 460 or gtx 560 on it)
it should have usb 3 and sata III support.
computer will be usd for gaming only.
try to keep it as cheap as possible with out sacrificing too much on quality/reliability.
my budget is around $80. i'd luv to buy a 60-70$ mobo if it fulfills my requirements.

anything i am missing?
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  1. You're just a tad low on the price range there.

    I could only find one mainboard fitting your requirements at $80 or below:
    ASRock H61M/U3S3 Micro-ATX

    Another one that fits, but is $85:
    ASRock H61ICAFE full-ATX

    The rest that qualify are $90 and up. There are a few $60-70 boards, but they don't have USB3 and SATA3.
  2. the price difference between the two is nothing so i might pick any of them.
    is it better to have a full ATX board rather than M-ATX? any drawback of either of the two?.
    would the full ATX fit into my thermaltake v3 case?
    r both these boards good and reliable?
    also link the 90$ board u were talking about.
  3. Micro-ATX boards tend to have less fancy features than full-ATX boards simply because of lack of space. Also, some people prefer one size or the other -- my ham-hands can't handle the cramped conditions imposed by a Micro-ATX board, for example.

    And yes, full ATX boards will fit in that case.

    Link to all four full ATX H61 and H67 boards with SATA3 and USB3 on NewEgg
    Link to all 24 Micro-ATX H61 and H67 boards with SATA3 and USB3 on NewEgg
  4. those r alot to confuse me :(
    what would b ur pick in these? max budget = $90
    i landed on this mainly coz of tons of positive feedbacks
  5. That one you linked is even smaller than Micro-ATX -- the ITX standard is made for extremely small PCs and your case isn't meant for something that small.

    I guess my recommendation would be the first one I linked in my first reply -- the ASRock H61M/U3S3 Micro-ATX board.
  6. do u know any eshops in England where i could buy these.
    iam having a really hard time finding this mobo for the same price as they r on newegg :(
  7. motherboard for i5 2400 processor ( 6m cache up to 3.40 )
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