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New build, first boot, first time ssd.

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October 18, 2012 9:37:28 AM

Hey everyone, I usually end up on this forum when I've got questions, so I thought I'd post my thread here :) 

Ok so, here goes.

I just put together a pc that will be solely used for watching high def movies, blu ray discs, steaming etc. All I will have installed on it is the OS, media players and codecs, iTunes etc. Everything is hooked up and it's all set for its FIRST BOOT. But I want to make sure I got everything right because this time, I am using an SSD for the first time. I tend to worry too much, so this post is just to make sure what I know is accurate, and to fill in the gaps of what I don't know about SSDs. So first what I know, and last some questions. So far I found this guide, it seems pretty straight forward for my level of knowledge...
I have a Kingston Hyper X 128gig

What I know:

1. I have to go in the bios and change the setting to AHCI Mode.
2. Enable Trim (from what I understand, it's to ensure data is deleted correctly and/or right away?)
3. Never defragment. (disable)
4. Always leave about 30% free space (I think I'll be near half when all my programs are installed)
5. (this one I remember vaguely) Never fully wipe the drive like an hdd, say for a new windows install, as it also erase valuable software, basically "breaking" it?

OK, question time:

Is there anything else I have to do in the bios before I install windows 7 apart from #1 and #2?
Should I disable system restore? As the guide says "System Restore on a SSD can degrade the SSD performance over time and make it very difficult for TRIM to work" I will not have anything that I fear losing, since all my files will be on an external hard drive.
Is there anything in the guide I should ignore, seeing as how I will have extra space? I only vaguely understand some of those later steps :??: 


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October 18, 2012 11:39:39 AM

You should also disable hibernate/delete the hibernate file. You can disable system restore and you can move your page file to a second hard drive if available. I followed the guide from tweaktown when I set mine up. I didn't even set the ssd to ahci (forgot), but it was already set anyway. Sounds like you mostly have it down.