Unsure of the problem, please help.

Hi, first off my spec is...

Asus Crosshair III Formula Mobo
AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE
8GB OCZ Gold Edition 1600mhz
OCZ Vertex 120GB
Corsair HX750
Windows 7 HE

I have just tested all my memory individually using memtest and removed a faulty stick which i shall be RMA'ing.

For now until that is returned i am running 4gb dual channel.

The problem is i am receiving an error saying low on memory and it is making me close any game i run such as Black Ops.

I do not understand this as even with just 4gb instead of 8, my pc is more than capable of running any game.

Can someone please suggest what might be the issue, is it possible more of the ram is faulty even though it did pass memtest, shall i test again and for how long?

Or could there be another area of my pc that is faulty?

Any help or ideas would be much appreciated, thank you.
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  1. First question is how long did you run Memtest and did you run it on all of the modules at the same time or did you run it with one module in the computer at a time. I usually let memtest run 2, 3, or 4 times through before counting a stick good. Some ppl do it by time (usually an hour or so for a 2GB stick).

    I am kind of assuming that you forgot to put your HDD in your specs, but if you didn't you could very easily be running out of space on your SSD. I also suspect this because all programs need space to be opened and take up space as they are running. If you only have 120GB and have a few programs and games installed along with Windows then you could very easily be running out of space.

    So if in fact you don't have a HDD I would recommend buying one. If you do I would take a look and see if windows is recognizing it and what is it's capacity if it is recognized.

    Hope this is at least a place to start.
  2. Hi, i ran memtest once for each 2GB module, i did each module individually for about 40 minutes, using the same socket.

    I have 70GB free on my SSD and i have a further 2 x 500GB WD caviar green HDD's, both of which have over half their capacity free, all of which are recognized.

    Also i use a Asus VG236H monitor @ 120hz if this could pose an issue.

  3. Well sorry about the delayed response but I am not very inclined to get online when I am on vacation.

    My next question would be what exactly is the error message that you are getting on your computer. Also when exactly do you get it(what are you doing before a during the error)? If we could narrow this down to a specific type of memory then this will be much easier to solve. Memory can be a pretty generic term in a computer.

    But moving on it seems that your ram and your storage are working fine by what you say so I would turn my attention to your video card. Do you have GPU-Z installed and have you checked that your GPU is running at the specs it is designed to?
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