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I'm not sure if this goes here or not but I have a bit of an odd problem. I like streaming video from my desktop but Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder doesn't seem to like my onboard sound card. Luckily my USB Headset had it's own sound drivers and it actually would take those. As a result, I've been streaming nice video with very rough sound quality since I have to loop the sound from my headset in through it's mic for the FME to pick it up. I need real sound though since I do miss wearing my headset.

What would be a nice, affordable sound card that could do this for me?
I mainly wear a headset that has it's own drivers so I don't really need anything amazing. I just want something that will be accepted by FME as an input. A nice bonus would be if it had some sort of mixer (I'm not sure if these are usually part of the devices or not) that would let me combine the desktop sounds with my microphone.

I know it may sound like an odd request and I'll be happy to clarify if it seems confusing. My budget is anywhere from $1~40, maybe more if it's something worthwhile. It'd only really be used for my video streams and in case I ever pick up a good set of speakers.

Oh and I'm on Windows 7 if that helps with anything. I can give the full specs if they're needed as well.

Thank you!
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  1. If your using a USB headset, no soundcard will help you. Windows can only use one input and one output device at a time, period. So any soundcard you get would be sitting idle while the USB headset is handling the Input/Output.

    As for cheap soundcards, the only one at the $40 range worth mentioning is teh ASUS Xonar DS. Moving up to the $80 range, the ASUS Xonar D1/DX and HT Omega Striker are options.
  2. Or change your streaming media software

    Nero MediaHome is very good, and there's a number of UPnP servers for free that perform exceptionally well.

    Why spend money on new hardware when FME is obviously the weak link here?
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