UK Power Supply ???

hi everyone ,

i live in the Middle East at the moment and as i mentioned in my previous thread that my area computer stores don't sell 80plus certified power supplies . So i have to buy it overseas . my area power voltage is "220v" , frequency "50hz" and plug category "I" . I am planning to get a UK power supply while i am there since the UK power voltage [220v-240v the only thing different ] , frequency and plug category is same as in my area . but the prices are too high compared to the US . anyways this is the psu i plan on buying from the UK,

my question in this power supply lies in these three lines
Input Voltage: 90 - 264 V (Auto Range)
Input Current: 10 A at 115 V, 5 A at 230 V
Input Frequency Range: 47 - 63 Hz

so the input voltage can be in the range of 90-264 v meaning that a 220 voltage will work, am i rite??? the current makes no sense since 220v is not mentioned . The frequency line builds a same question in my head as the voltage question.

also tell me will a UK power supply work in the ME flawlessly and thank you
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  1. The PSU has active PFC. Basically, it will take pretty much whatever comes out of the wall and power your PC with it.

    I work in Saudi Arabia. I bring PSU's (mostly Corsairs and Antecs) back from the US whenever I go home on vacation.

    Assuming the PSU is good, you will not have any problem powering your system.
  2. nice that s a relief , i also live in KSA but not at the moment .
    can you take a moment of your time and tell me if this psu will work in KSA ,

    thank you soo much for your help
  3. it will work anywhere you can plug it in
  4. thank you all for your replies
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