Brand new flash drive corrupted and will not format

ok basicaly i bought a 8gb mediastar flash drive from my college to store some stuff on (a large .rar file). i went to format it from fat32 to ntfs so that i can put a file bigger than 4gb onto it. it came up with an error saying the format could not be competed, so i tryed again and it worked. i then transfered over my file and it came up with another error near to the end of transfer. it then had a 2.7gb .rar file on there (the original file was 7.8) which it would let me delete, saying it could not find the destination path. so i try to format it again and the format freezes, then it wouldnt let me remove hardware safely and my pc froze so i had to reboot. now my pc does not show me how much space the drive has when i plug it in. when i try to go into the drive it freezes. its unable to reformat. i tryed using cmd to format it, again it didnt work. oh yeah and the safely remove hadware icon is there but if you try ejecting it the program will just freeze. if anyone has any kind of solution to fix this flash drive i would be extremely grateful!
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  1. u tried one of this programmes
    hp usb format
    acronis disk director
    low level format
  2. i have indeed, tried hp, kill disk, and varies other ones, all of which either came up with an error or just froze up. i also ran a low level format, it got all the way to 100% then said it could not be completed. also if i use discmgmt.msc i can get it to format to 100% then it comes up with the same error oh and btw, windows nows shows its to contain 0 bytes and has a RAW system file. if anyone knows of any other fixes i would be massively grateful.
  3. try formatting it from dos
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