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hello i am wondering what are the best nivida control panel settings for a game such as company of heroes or any other directX 10 game because i want a little bit of quality and maximum peformance but my gt 220 is trying to make me go dip it in thermite because i have put all of the nvidia control panel settings to low and its the same when i put them as high as they could go it makes no differant whilst ingame. :fou:
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  1. As has been said in your other thread on the same subject, the GT220 is a very weak card for gaming.
  2. yes im sorry for that but i mean i really dont understand why its the same no matter what setting i put it on. i maxed everything out shader quality res and it ran at 32 fps i lowerd all of them and it ran at 32 fps i mean that does not make sense ? :heink:
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    most of those setting are simply overrided by the games they are in, you can set the settings for global, but even then the game is still usually in control, if you want to gain fps just change the settings in the game if you want to up your fps
  4. jonnyboyC is quite correct, in my experience the Nv control panel does not always work when it comes to overriding the in game settings so it's not worth getting wound up about it.
  5. Use Afterburner if you want to get that extra 5% increase in performance :

    The NV control panel is useless w/ GT220 becuase the card is not really meant for gaming. The best you can do is set all your visual settings to performance in the NV control panel, use Afterburner to raise the clocks and once in game you can change the visual settings to your taste.
  6. ohhh ok i thought that if you adjust it that it would change the ingame settings. mmm ok thank you :D
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