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I have a Zebronics Bijli cabinet with a 120mm front fan and 2x 80mm fans on the side but no exhaust till now.The CPU and GPU temp at full load reaches <=60*C(around 140*F) and the warm air is sucked by the 120mm PSU fan and expelled out.
1)So the question is will it be okay for my CM elite power 400W PSU,will it withstand the passage of this warm air?

2)This is one of the newer bijli cabinets and so in the rear,the room for an extra fan falls short to fit a 120mm one while is larger than what needed for a 80mm fan.So I'm thinking about fitting a 92mm fan may be of scythe ... any suggestions?
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  1. Looking at the case name, i would guess that you are from India.

    Download HWMonitor and check the CPU and GPU temperatures.

    That is quite a poor PSU you have in there.

    In any case 60 deg on load is quite normal. Please mention your complete config for better help.
  2. mobo- XFX mg-610I-7059
    CPU-Intel C2D E4500 2.2 ~2.4GHz
    GPU-XFX GT 240 DDR5 1gb
    RAM-2x 2GB DDR2

    uh wat else is thr .....
    the psu suites my current needs
    Yes I'm from India
  3. Please use minimal SMS lingo!

    Well note down your temps on load and idle with the HWMonitor, let us know. Sometimes a bad PSU leads to high temperatures. How old is your PC? Suggest getting a TIM and applying it to your CPU.
  4. I have already noted temps on speedfan, and GPU on both speedfan and afterburner

    The GPU at OC -69*(full load) and 40*(idle) while at stock it will stay at 34*(idle) and 56*(full load) which is quite normal

    The CPU temp- 60*(full load) while sub 40*(idle).Note I am doin slight OC frm 2.2 to 2.4.Still temp has never been a problem in running the system.
    I'm only concerned if this warm air will damage the PSU.And this PSU is bad but not that bad either.
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    If you are OC'ing then its better to get an after market cooler. But before that its better to try out a TIM and monitor the temps.

    But i say that your temps are normal. Change your PSU, Case and get a new TIM for satisfaction.
  6. i wanna push this PSU until I buy a new more powerful GPU so will this one go through or succumb to the air coz its the only area in the entire casing that the warm air is getting accumulated and then expelled out.

    Can you suggest a quality 92min fan for the rear.
  7. Pick up some scythe fans which are really cool. Scythe S-FLEX should be good. Question is availability!
  8. Ok thx
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