What type of power supply do i need??

Hey guys im just wondering what type of psu should i buy for my computer when im upgrading these are my specs:

AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition
Zotac GTS 250 1 gb
Gigabyte 890GPA-UD3H
4G Kit ddr3 G.Skill-Ripjaws 1333
And two sata hardrives
2 casefans
Dvd rom/optical drive

Im looking for a power supply that isnt over $120 and also isnt cheap and crappy

(please provide details and links)

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  1. Pretty skeptical to say but you have an overkill budget for your need.. The Corsair VX 450W will power your rig adequately (even considering an overclocked CPU)..
  2. +1 what Emperus said.

    I checked several references. Your system does not require much power. The Corsair VX450 that Emperus suggested is more than adequate:


    Here is a link to a competent technical review:

  3. Thanks guys after a little research last night i was thinking about buying a Corsair VX550, I think that should be fine for my system thnxs heaps for all the support and stuff you guys did it really helped. God i love forrums lol
  4. I prefer Seasonic PSUs like the Seasonic S12II 520; a 520w 80Plus Bronze rated PSU for $59 + $10 shipping


    Seasonic manufactures the above suggested PSUs for Corsair and Antec.

    The Corsair VX550 you selected is manufactured by CWT which is known for good quality, but falls short of Seasonic's reputation and build quality.
  5. i have a seasonic made PC Power & Cooling and CWT made Corsair. both run stable, silent, and with no issues.
  6. Not saying there's anything wrong with CWT, they have a very good track record and reputation. But Seasonic is just on a higher tier than CWT.
  7. Id say that really depends on the particular model. Everything is made to a price, even the best can put out a bad model every now and then.
  8. Which are the relevant 550W models in discussion here from Corsair and Seasonic.? How do they compare against each other.? Answering this should solve the purpose for OP.. As far as price point analysis is concerned, Corsair has the best track record of delivering good on every price point IMO..
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