CPU suggestions.

Would love to hear suggestions for a new CPU.

Here are the other components i have in mind.

Corsair XMS3 1600 DDR3 4Gb (2x2)

Currently i am thinking of going for AMD Phenom ii X4 955BE.

What i want to ask is:
1) Is the 965BE better? I have read in some forums that 965 doesn't offer marked improvements over 955 as such.
2) Should i altogether opt for a six core? 1055 or 1090T. Again i have read that there aren't altogether many applications which use 4 cores,let alone 6.

Also,would love to hear about the suggestions on motherboard....
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    1_The difference between isn't noticeable in almost all games/apps;moreover,you can OC the 955 to reach 965 speeds or even higher.
    2_You'll be fine with X4 955BE in almost all games/apps, there are few apps(Heavy image/video editing tasks) that benefit from 6 cores.
    3_That board is a great choice.
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