5770 Vapor-X Problem!

all know 5770 have 800 shaders but not for 5770 Vapor-X look @my picture

you think is normal ? i have OC problem to coz i just can OC very little !!
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  1. A 5750 has 720 so either you have a 5750 or GPU-Z is reading it wrong, this happens from time to time. What does the CCC say ?

    Try looking at other apps such as Si Soft Sandra or Everest an dcheck what they say. 3D Mark if you use it should also detect your GPU.

  2. Either GPU-Z is wrong, or you have an overclocked 5750 and not a 5770.
  3. It's weird bro. mine's a XFX HD 5770 xt and it should definitely read 800 instead of 720. uninstall and install gpu-z again.
  4. Some of the early releases for the 5770 had the wrong bios. They appeared as 5750's but after doing a graphic card bios update it reverted to the proper 800 shaders. Go to the sapphire web site and follow the instructions there. Good luck.
  5. Do as posted above. It is not that hard to update your bios.
  6. Here is one of the original stories, unraveling the mystery.
    Its labeled a 5770 bios, has the correct id, 5770, clocks, o/c, just someone botched up making it.
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