What is the fastest wireless network adapter?

Looking for the fastest wireless network adapter to install it into my cpu so i wont have to buy a wireless adapter and plug it in everytime i wanna use the internet, anyway.
i heard people saying that Atheros Wireless Network Adapter is the best in the market, take a look at it:

Based on that suggestion, what would u recommend me to buy cus im looking for a real powerful wireless network adapter and well known too... i will really appreciate ur comments guys, always trusting the experts :hello: have a nice weekend.
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  1. aw... no answers? come on guys, a little help on this one.
  2. well the router is just on the other room near mine real close to me the only thing blocking the signal might be my door, but what i wanna know is if u know one of the most powerful wireless network adapter to install into my CPU i talked about atheros cus its one of the best... so what do u suggest? and where can i buy it?
  3. yeah but im looking for atheros ;)
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